Scandroid, a visionary force in the Synthwave genre, is well known for his ability to craft evocative soundscapes that focus on purely instrumental storytelling. His latest offering  “Lost In The Datastream” is no exception.

“Lost In The Datastream” is an ode to a world where humanity is intertwined with technology, and the line between reality and virtual reality is blurred. Whether you are cruising solo in your car or going through your nostalgic collection of ’80s Bladerunner memorabilia dreaming of a bygone era, Scandroid invites listeners into a realm that pulses with an undeniable mechanical energy, driven by the relentless electronic beats. The track features an intricate atmosphere composed from synthesizers, drums, and ethereal choirs. Drawing in elements elements from Synthwave to Alternative the result is an auditory experience that is both chillingly ominous and emotionally captivating. “Lost In The Datastream” is a testament to Scandroid’s innovation as an artist in the Synthwave genre and beyond.

“While world building concepts for new Scandroid album I kept coming back to the idea of the ‘datastream’,” explains Klayton. “The concept tied in perfectly with my plans to release the album on MiniDisc as I had already begun the process of procuring and personally restoring MiniDisc players from around the world to make available as part of the multimedia experience of this album cycle. The song kept pulling me towards my 2012 track “The Possibilities of Purpose” from the Blackstar Score and I knew this would be the perfect time to bring a Blackstar theme into the new Scandroid album which directly connects to the Scandroid universe in an upcoming novella.”

Scandroid is the brainchild of Klayton, an artist and producer hailing from Detroit, MI, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller. Scandroid serves as Klayton’s nostalgic undertaking, drawing inspiration from sounds of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and beyond.

The self-titled debut Scandroid album (2016) and sophomore album Monochrome (2017), each received critical acclaim with #1 iTunes Electronic Album charting, plus Top 5 Billboard Electronic Album Sales Charting. Scandroid’s success has spawned tens of millions of online streams, over 500,000 global monthly listeners and 250,000 worldwide followers and a collection of remixes from respected artists, including: Dance With The Dead, PYLOT, Lazerpunk, Daniel Deluxe, GosT, Makeup and Vanity Set, Waveshaper, Fury Weekend, Volkor-X, VHS Dreams and more. 

“Scandroid is my musical destination that allows me to explore the sounds that defined some of the best times of my life.” – Klayton

Between 2018 and 2020 Klayton created the ambitious Scandroid double-album The Darkness and The Light as the project’s 3rd studio album. Between 2020-2022 Klayton released multiple Scandroid collaborations including original songs with Essenger, 3FORCE, Fury Weekend, and DEADLIFE.

In Summer 2023 Klayton announced his most ambitious Scandroid album yet. Based in the year 2525 the release is set to include a wide range of creative multi-media tie-ins. The new studio album kicked off with the release of the single “Shadow of the Drones” followed by a collaboration with his project Celldweller on the track “Waste My Time.” With a world-building novella already written by award-winning authors Joshua Viola and Sean Eads, other plans for Scandroid’s fourth studio album include expanded physical formats, including Mini-Disc, cassette, CD and vinyl, with more plans to be announced. The album is expected in 2024.

“Lost In The Datastream” is out now from FiXT