Get ready to experience an electrifying fusion of dance, drum & bass, hip hop, and EDM as Zardonic and Pythius unleash their powerful remix of Celldweller’s “Shapeshifter” (feat. Styles of Beyond).

This high-octane reinterpretation of the original track propels the listener into a whirlwind of intricate rhythms, deep basslines, and heart-pounding percussion, creating an adrenaline-pumping, sonic journey that’s impossible to resist. Weaving together elements from various genres, including dance, hip hop, and EDM, resulting in a mesmerizing and genre-defying fusion of sound.

Pioneering the sound of Future Rock for over 20 years, Celldweller has inspired tens of millions of listeners across a global community of fans, content creators, and brands with 500,000,000+ streams and hundreds of placements in major Films, TV shows, and Video Games. Celldweller’s discography includes the self-titled Celldweller album in 2003, Wish Upon A Blackstar in 2012, End of an Empire in 2015, and Offworld in 2017, with his 5th studio album Satellites arriving in Fall 2022.

Klayton, the multifaceted producer behind Celldweller and owner/founder of the independent record label FiXT, has garnered an intense cult following across his projects CelldwellerScandroidCircle of Dust and FreqGenKlayton is also respected and sought after in the media industry with his music appearing in hundreds of major Film / TV & Video Games, such as WestworldSuicide SquadJack ReacherDeadpoolLucyJohn WickRobocopPacific RimKiller Instinct Season 3Now You See MeDead Rising 3Call of Duty: EliteAssassin’s CreedUFC & more. 

The clash of disparate elements activates innovation, and every generation brings us timeless figures who accidentally spark a new revolutionary sound within the music world. Chuck Berry mixed jazz, blues, gospel and country music to create Rock N Roll. A few decades later, Ozzy Osbourne turned up the gain to create Heavy Metal. And since the early 2000s, Federico Ágreda Álvarez, the masked performer known to the world as DJ and producer Zardonic, has harnessed the power of the nexus between Drum & Bass and Heavy Metal to create the sound that is now known as Metal & Bass.

Born and raised in Venezuela, inspired by America, and based in Germany with a passport book stamped into oblivion, he also represents a union of cultures.

Following a prolific string of releases, remixes for Pop Evil, Fear Factory, Bullet For My Valentine and Sonic Syndicate, video game soundtracks for Superhot: Mind Control Delete and Redout 2, plus features on All Elite Wrestling, TNT and NBC Sports, packed shows on multiple continents, and 100 million-plus streams, he realizes the power and potential of his vision like never before on his 2023 full-length offering Superstars [MNRK HEAVY].

“I’m blessed enough to be able to do what I love the most, and that is Music. Music is my own form of self-healing. It allows me to float above the darkness. Maybe, it will do the same for you.” – Zardonic

Pythius is a Drum & Bass producer from the Netherlands.

“Shapeshifter” (feat. Styles Of Beyond) [Zardonic & Pythius Remix] is out now from FiXT

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