Electronic-Rock artist/producer Celldweller has released a brutal Rock, Metalcore, and Industrial remix of “Fadeaway” courtesy of Cinematic Rock Artists and label mates, Void Chapter.

Intense. Violent. Bombastic. Void Chapter ratchets the track up one hundred degrees with a heavier take on the original. This dynamic remix offers a unique blend of Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Industrial, and Alternative Metal, creating a driving and brutal soundscape that delves deep into introspection while maintaining an aggressive edge. Void Chapter fuses powerful synthesizers, drums, and guitar, with Klayton’s vocals to create a searing soul-searching soundscape. The result is a turbulent yet cathartic musical trek that will leave a crater-sized impact.

Pioneering the sound of Future Rock for over 20 years, Celldweller has inspired tens of millions of listeners across a global community of fans, content creators, and brands with 500,000,000+ streams and hundreds of placements in major Films, TV shows, and Video Games. Celldweller’s discography includes the self-titled Celldweller album in 2003, Wish Upon A Blackstar in 2012, End of an Empire in 2015, and Offworld in 2017, with his 5th studio album Satellites, released Oct 14, 2022

Klayton, the multifaceted producer behind Celldweller and owner/founder of the independent record label FiXT, has garnered an intense cult following across his projects CelldwellerScandroidCircle of Dust, and FreqGenKlayton is also respected and sought after in the media industry with his music appearing in hundreds of major Film / TV & Video Games, such as WestworldSuicide SquadJack ReacherDeadpoolLucyJohn WickRobocopPacific RimKiller Instinct Season 3Now You See MeDead Rising 3Call of Duty: EliteAssassin’s CreedUFC & more. 

The origins of Void Chapter can be traced back to 2006 during the Take It And Break It remix competition for Celldweller, which served as a catalyst for the members’ individual careers. Brian and Otto met in the remix community and discovered they had an affinity for heavy music, synthesizers, and sound design. They would work on many projects together throughout the years and even land a few major movie trailers and TV placements with their music. Otto was also very involved in the Propellerhead Reason Community, where he met Adam, who enthusiastically shared similar interests with the other two. It wasn’t long before the three started making music collectively for trailer and production libraries.

Today, Void Chapter is a powerhouse of three talented producers coming together with the purpose of creating intense, concept-driven, genre-bending music with corresponding world-building and narrative. A new, full-length album inhumAnIty was released by Void Chapter in March of 2023.

“Fadeaway” (Void Chapter Remix) is available now from FiXT.