Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut, self-titled Celldweller album, FiXT has announced the Celldweller Definitive Edition 3-LP Vinyl and expanded 3-album Digital version featuring remastered audio along with dozens of bonus tracks and all new remixes and re-imagined versions of iconic tracks from the album. The vinyl and digital versions of the album are available for pre-order now from FiXT with December ‘23 and February ‘24 release dates, respectively.

Available today is a brutal Metalcore re-imagination of the hit Celldweller track “Switchback” from synth metal / deathcore artist and label-mate, The Browning. This high-octane reinterpretation of the track is nothing short of defiance as The Browning infuses it with heavier vocals and guitars with all new lyrics in the bridge. It may be too late to switchback but there’s still more to come. 

“It was a big moment for myself and FiXT when we inked a deal with Jonny (The Browning).  The next natural step was to figure out something we could work on together. The idea that excited us the most was Jonny not simply just doing a remix, but instead reimagining “Switchback” as a song by The Browning. As a fan of Jonny’s I love this version of the song and I know Celldweller fans will too.” – Klayton (Celldweller)

Featured on the Celldweller Definitive Edition album are new remix / collaborative appearances by The BrowningTESSERACTS, Void Chapter, Nouveau Arcade, Toronto Is Broken, Kodeseven, Kaixo, Drumcorps, ZardonicCassetter,and more.The Celldweller Definitive Edition features all new artwork and marks the 2nd pressing of the album on vinyl in a new, limited edition 3-LP package.

“I had no idea that making the debut Celldweller album 20 years ago would ultimately be the thing that would change the trajectory of my career. From every song being licensed to Film, TV, and Video Games, to worldwide tours, and launching my own record label, FiXT, which would go on to support the careers of 50+ artists over the last 17 years. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, we have curated the ‘Definitive Edition’ which includes a brand new remastering of the original album along with dozens of bonus tracks, rarities, remixes and re-imaginations of the original songs. 

To those who have been listening over the past 20 years, I truly appreciate your support and plan on making a lot more Celldweller music over the next 20. Stay tuned. :):”
 – Klayton (Celldweller)

Pre-Order: fixtstore.com/celldweller

The self-titled debut Celldweller album, released independently in 2003, achieved a number of accolades and awards, from Billboard charting to industry recognized song/producer of the year awards, to licensing every song from the album to major Film/TV/Video Game projects, and paving the way for Klayton to launch FiXT.

Thriving on originality, Celldweller cross-bred electronic styles such as Drum & Bass and Psy-Trance with modern Alternative Rock and Metal on the debut album. The Celldweller album met with critical acclaim climbing to #17 on the Billboard Internet Sales Chart. Celldweller gained Top 40 Metal Radio charting with the track “I Believe You” hitting #11 R&R Alternative Specialty Show Chart. Achieving a feat shared by only an elite handful of albums, every song on Celldweller was eventually licensed for use in popular media including movie trailers, TV shows, and games such as Spider Man 2, ConstantineCrackdown, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Enter the MatrixCSI, UFC, The Shield,and more.

Forging the sound of electronic-rock for over 20 years, Celldweller has inspired tens of millions of listeners across a global community of fans, content creators, and brands with 500,000,000+ streams and hundreds of placements in major Films, TV shows, and Video Games. Celldweller’s discography includes the self-titled Celldweller album in 2003, Wish Upon A Blackstar in 2012, End of an Empire in 2015, and Offworld in 2017, with his 5th studio album Satellites released in 2022.