that’s right, FiXt fans—Klayton has re-united with long-time counterpart Tom Salta of Atlas Plug to create music for the history video game franchise, Killer Instinct! The first trailer for the game dropped yesterday.

Watch the trailer now:

And if that was cool enough news, you can now download the song heard in that trailer for 100 percent free. That’s right, zero dollars!

Stream and download the song via Soundcloud now:

The news dropped earlier via the official Killer Instinct Season 3 website. Check out an official interview with Klayton and Tom on that site now. Here’s a little snippet:

The Battletoads trailer track is the first we’ve heard from the game. How did collaboration work on that particular piece?

Tom: The first thing we had to establish was Battletoad’s sonic identity and musical personality. Obviously, BT’s 8-bit roots would play a strong role.

We also asked the KI team: what kind of music would Battletoad be listening to as he kicks people’s butts? Adam Isgreen said Van Halen… and THAT became BT’s other signature sound. I called upon my guitar hero friend, Steve Ouimette—who is the master of guitar tones—and he laid down some insanely Eddie Van Halen-inspired riffs and then Klay and I went to work crafting those sounds into BT’s music.

Klayton: Doing various projects together in the past made it easy for Tom and I to jump into the Killer Instinct collab. It was great not having to worry about that part of it—but just ideate and jump right into creation. I threw down some guitar riffs and beats for the Battletoads trailer and Tom shot ideas back.

We just keep going back and forth until the track sounded cool to us. We’re pretty glad that Microsoft is being so cool as to upload the track to Soundcloud, that way people can hear the track in all of its brutal Future-’80s, 8-bit glory.

All other information on Killer Instinct Season 3 can be found via the official website. Now, who’s ready to game?