Celldweller again takes his Cellmates through the twisted and tumbling mind of his music in his latest music video for End of an Empire track “Lost In Time.”

Watch the video below and prepare to descend into a world of futuristic dinosaurs battling to the death — all with the soundtrack of one of Celldweller’s best songs to-date. Here’s what Celldweller mastermind and FiXT founder, Klayton, had to say about the new video:

As a kid, I was a huge dinosaur fan. They are the perfect example of a species lost in time. What would make dinosaurs cooler? Turning them into cyborgs with lasers!

Here’s what Diffuser.fm had to say about the video, when premiering it earlier today:

With a little rock and roll and a whole lot of electronics, Celldweller is a master at creating rich, dynamic and ear-piercing soundscapes, one unforgettable beat at a time.

Watch the video for “Lost In Time” now:

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