Celldweller continues to explore the edges of electronic-rock in the expansive universe of his upcoming 5th studio album Satellites, with the new single “Into The Void”.
Hear the song in an immersive virtual reality experience on October 31st, exclusively in Synth Riders, available on the Oculus Quest, Rift and HTC Vive VR systems. Pushing the adrenaline of heavy guitars, aggressive vocals, growling synths and intensive BPMs, Klayton counter-balances the epic track with catchy melodies and vocal hooks, and pushes listeners “Into The Void”.

Celldweller – “Into The Void”:
Available October 31st exclusively in Synth Riders VR music rhythm game.
Available Nov 8th on all music streaming and download stores.

Synth Riders:
Out Oct 31st on Oculus Quest & Rift + HTC Vive

Synth Riders features 30 playable song levels, including:
“Into the Void (Synth Riders Edit)” by Celldweller
“Unshakeable” (Formal One Remix) by Celldweller
“Dust to Dust” (Zardonic Remix) by Circle of Dust
“Wolves” by Voicians
“Free” by Raizer
“Neo-Tokyo” (Dance With The Dead Remix) by Scandroid
“Phoenix” by Scandroid
“L.O.V.E.” by PRIZM
“All Night” by PRIZM
“You Know That You Love Me” by PRIZM
and more…

Synth Riders is a VR rhythm game that takes the player on a journey into a stunning neon colored cyberpunk world with beautiful stages straight from the 80’s and music from top synthwave and electro-rock artists from around the world.

The player’s goal is to hit different colored notes that fly according to the beat with the corresponding orb while dodging obstacles. Some notes come separately, others in long lines, some need to be hit with one specific orb, others with both orbs simultaneously.

The feature of Synth Riders that sets it apart is that in this game, dancing is not optional but crucial for those who want to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Handcrafted beatmaps are designed to make the players dance naturally, activating the whole body of the player. This makes for a great workout and relaxation when perfectly synced notes flow to the rhythm of electronic music.

Key features
Unique gameplay and simple rules
Good for workout and chill
Active Modding Community
21 songs from top synthwave and electro-rock artists
6 beautiful hand designed scenarios
Online leaderboards
Avatars System and LIV integration
Official Beatmap Editor (download)

Synth Riders was created by Abraham Aguero, the Creative Director at Kluge Interactive. Abraham had an unstoppable obsession with the 80’s; synth sounds, simple game mechanics and signature aesthetics impassioned him into a creative force born out of nostalgia. Abraham created RetroWaveVR, an instagram community with more than 35,000 followers, and a game series, which first launched Max, a homage to Space Invaders. It second title was Synth Riders, and it was soon pretty evident that this game had serious potential.

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