Unless you’re been digging through those liner notes on your brand new copy of Brainchild, you may not have realized that FiXT alumni Josh Money has been the man behind the scenes helping Klayton and FiXT to “dust” off those old Circle of Dust albums before re-releasing them with a slew of new / old material you’ve never heard before. Want to know a little bit about Josh Money‘s history with Circle of Dust, and what it’s been like for him to work on these iconic albums? Well, why don’t you hear it straight from him!

I, as I’m sure many others did, first discovered Circle of Dust in the mid 90’s, the glowing neon eye of Brainchild immediately catching my attention. When I heard the ethereal haunting pads, the mysterious obscure samples, the crushing metal guitars, and the emotive introspective vocals of Circle of Dust, I knew I had found something on a whole different level.

It wasn’t till years later that I discovered Celldweller through a colleague at Full Sail, not knowing it was the same brain behind it all. And it wasn’t till I was on a phone call with FiXT co-founder James Rhodes and Klayton himself, discussing releasing music with them, that James informed me Klayton was also the mastermind of Circle of Dust. Talk about coming “full circle”! I almost couldn’t believe it. It was pretty much an instant sign of confirmation that this was definitely the right move to make. So after multiple album and EP releases, here were are! Klayton, never one to disappoint, along with FiXT and co, has graced me with the opportunity to head up the remastering of the entire Circle of Dust catalogue, as well as that of the sophomore project and super-group, Argyle Park.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these re-releases as they have been given months of loving care and attention, that I hope lives up to the expectations of the fans who appreciated the art and creativity originally given to them in the first place, one of those fans of course, being myself. Both Klayton and James have been involved in every step of the process, providing constant input and proactive feedback, as the songs are being brought new life. Thank you for listening!

Josh Money