Metamorphosis – the third album released from Circle of Dust – was a rare gem among Klayton’s early discography that has been shrouded in confusion and mystery. A pseudo-compilation album featuring remixes from Circle of Dust (self-titled) and Brainchild, along with remixes of (at-the-time) Death Metal label-mates Living Sacrifice, were brought together being remixed/produced by Klayton. Despite the confusion, this album served as the spark that ignited Klayton’s pioneering spirit into genre-mashing remixes that took existing ideas of both his own and others, flipped them on their head, and produced something no one other than himself could have ever imagined.

Along with the remixes found on Metamorphosis, three original tracks from Circle of Dust – “Heldweller,” “Nihilistic Void,” & “Daraq” – found their home on this titanic release and have been joined in the re-release by other rarities such as the custom album intro track “Emerge” that Klayton created for Living Sacrifice’s 1992 album Nonexistent, “Never” a single from a brief side-project Klayton created called Rivot, and a Circle of Dust remix of lvl’s “Backslide.”

Not only has Metamorphosis been remastered, undergoing complete sonic overhaul, but now includes a brand new remix from Blue Stahli, a 1987 cassette demo of “Heldweller,” Argyle Park-era collaboration demos between Klayton and Tommy Victor of Prong, and of course – more of the unreleased, archival “Dust” demos.

We asked Klayton what he thought about the release of the new album, and he told us:

It still mystifies me to this day how I pulled off the remixes for Metamorphosis. I had so little gear and even less experience remixing. I just knew what I was hearing in my head and had to find some way to bring that to reality. Not sure if I accomplished it, but when all was said and done, I was proud and somewhat surprised that it all came together. The reissue of this release is now packed with even more goodies that span a wider range of time. Remixes and lost demos for things I had forgotten existed are finally out of my vaults and in your hands – do with them what you will.


34 tracks.
18 never-before-heard rarities.
2 hours of music.
1 legendary album.

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