The breakout debut album from pioneering synthwave artist Essenger is back on wax! This special double vinyl edition features a whole LP with bonus content including the new song “Silence” in collaboration with The Midnight, a selection of original instrumentals & remixes, updated artwork and printed album lyrics.

By building cinematic synthscapes with a dark, futuristic edge and infusing them with personal lyrics and songwriting touches, Essenger has crafted an immersive and beautifully produced recording that is unlike anything else in the synthwave genre to date.

Essenger has assembled a remarkable group of collaborators for the album as well. From the dystopian atmosphere of “Empire of Steel” with Scandroid to the darkly beautiful duet with Lexi Norton on “Downfall” and the metal-inspired aggression of “Lost Boys” with Young Medicine, each track on After Dark holds its own personality with plenty of surprises for listeners to discover.