Celldweller tapped the mind of fellow electronic producer Zardonic for the first remix to be released off of End of an Empire (Chapter 04: Death), “New Elysium.”

The song is fast, furious and totally in-your-face — exactly the way you’d imagine a Zardonic remix of a bombastic Celldweller track would sound. Listen for yourself now:

The song premiered exclusively via YourEDM earlier today. Editor in chief Matt Meadows had X to say about the track:

“You get a nearly full 5 minutes of tearout to feast on.”

Zardonic and Celldweller both opened up about the vibrant collaboration that took place with the remix.

“I knew when Zardonic signed on for a remix that it would be great, but the sheer brutality of what he delivered was beyond my expectations and brought a whole new life to the song for me,” Klayon (Celldweller) said.

Zardonic also added the collaborating helps the hybrid music scene as a whole.

“Working together with a fellow pioneer of the metal/EDM hybrid movement is not only a pleasure, but strengthens the future of the scene,” Zardonic said. “Let’s do this again!”

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