Scandroid’s signature style collides with old school metal on “Phoenix,” a blazing piece of guitar-driven music that rocks the foundation of the artist’s discography. This is Scandroid through and through, but not like you’ve heard him before, as crunchy riffs and soaring guitar solos deliver a high-octane listening experience. With its blend of ‘80s heavy metal and cyberpunk-infused synthwave, “Phoenix” is one more example of Scandroid’s versatile songwriting ability.

Besides new wave, the biggest musical genre I listened to in the ‘80s was metal. Knowing the sound of The Darkness was going to be, well…darker, I wanted to harken back to some of my ‘80s metal roots. ’Phoenix’ combines the Scandroid sound fans have come to know  combined with a throwback to the iconic sound of metal from that era.” – Klayton (Scandroid)