Scandroid has released “Oblivia” an instrumental synthwave single from his upcoming sophomore album, Monochrome.

“Scandroid promptly returns to original content with a gorgeous instrumental piece, “Oblivia.” Following a gentle dreamwave melody reminiscent of VHS logo themes, Scandroid introduces new layers at a rapid pace, eventually building an opaque composition that deftly withdraws and advances to ensure its many elements remain meaningful for the song’s duration.” –

Go behind the scenes of “Oblivia” and watch a studio session video of Klayton building the track in his impressive synth room.

“Born from a demo I originally titled “Sitcom Suicide.” I only kept the intro progression and then dove into my synth room and had fun throwing down riffs.” – Klayton

“Oblivia” appears on Scandroid’s upcoming sophomore album Monochrome, available October 27th, 2017.

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