Scandroid’s gritty post-punk offering “Astor Place” gets a future rock remix courtesy of The Anix. The track’s throwback bassline and synth melodies are electrified in this new version as The Anix builds a composition effortlessly from its low-key verse section to a dramatic, sweeping chorus. The result brings the best of Scandroid and The Anix together for a piece that embraces past and future.

“Astor Place struck me as a great track for a remix because I could hear several directions it could go in. I took inspiration for my remix, from one of my favorite artists, The Faint, as well as Daft Punk and Joy Division. I wanted the remix to keep the energy of the original but realize a garage synth edge to it with a danceable groove, with a minimized production so it sounds like 3 kids playing the song live in their basement. I played most of the instruments live rather than programmed to capture some elements of human error to give it more of a live feel.”

– The Anix

The Anix’s remix of “Astor Place” is out now from independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.

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