Synthwave star Fury Weekend brings his signature driving rhythms and hard rock style to a brand new remix of Circle of Dust’s “Onenemy.” This version puts a shot of adrenaline into the arm of the track, re-imagining it with touches of Fury Weekend’s retro synth style while doubling down on the aggression of Klayton’s original. 

“It was a kind of honor to me to remix something from the Klayton legacy, Circle of Dust.  Turning a serious industrial track into apocalyptic synth inferno disco thing, adding some retrowave dance touch to the original.”

– Fury Weekend

Fury Weekend’s remix comes on the heels of Circle of Dust’s new 25th Anniversary mix of “Onenemy” and it leads the way to new anniversary mixes and remixes of Circle of Dust’s pioneering self-titled album.