Premiering with, Joe Ford takes on Celldweller’s latest electronic-rock opus “My Disintegration”, taking the track into aggressive bass music territory with his unique brand of UK drum & bass. Celldweller’s heavy-hitting “My Disintegration” premiered in mid-February from the upcoming 5th studio album, Satellites, on Celldweller’s owned/operated independent record label FiXT, following 2017’s “Electric Eye”. Ford’s remix reunites the duo following their recent original track collaboration on “Breaking Point” (feat. Robin Adams), with Ford giving “My Disintegration” a nuanced reworking taking on a life and atmosphere all its own.

Tapping into his unique brand of UK drum & bass, Joe Ford masterfully transforms Celldweller’s heavy-hitting “My Disintegration,” the most recent single from his forthcoming 5th studio album, Satellitesinto something entirely new and unexpected.

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