“Get lit, get wild, It’s the FreqGen style”


Klayton, the pioneering artist and producer known as Celldweller, expands his Future 1990s album with a new Techno Electronica single “FreqGen Style.”

This new original single is an aggressive fast paced Techno piece drawing in 90s electronica inspired elements. The energetic track never slows down, keeping the kinetic momentum from start to finish. “FreqGen Style” features pulsing synthesizers and complex rhythms and lyrics inviting fans to party in this exciting soundscape. “Get lit, get wild, It’s the FreqGen style.”

FreqGen is the electronic music playground of artist/producer Klayton (Celldweller). Using modular synths and analog hardware, FreqGen delivers an expansive journey ranging from ambient and downtempo to IDM, techno, and drum & bass, and a bevy of ’90s-inspired electronic genres.

“FreqGen Style” is out now from FiXT