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Circle of Dust Releases “Humanarchy” (Blue Stahli Remix)

Circle of Dust Releases “Humanarchy” (Blue Stahli Remix)

The genre-defying industrial project, Circle of Dust, is back with alt_Machines, a full-length remix album follow-up to the project’s 2016 album Machines of Our Disgrace. alt_Machinesfeatures official remixes from a wide-ranging collection of artists/producers, including Blue StahliVoiciansSebastian KomorThe Anix, The PlagueRaizer3FORC3DJ Hidden, and Zeromancer. The album also features an intense remix of “Dust to Dust” by Zardonic, along with an original, multi-song mash-up, “Drum Machines of Our Disgrace” by Circle of Dust, and several bonus remixes from Blue Stahli, of 4 original ’90s Circle of Dust songs.

Ranging from industrial, metal, drum & bass, IDM and even synthwave, alt_Machines, pushes the Circle of Dust dystopian sci-fi epic, Machines of Our Disgrace, into an even darker future, full of aggressive undertones and beat blasting sonic assaults.

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