Celldweller’s electronic-rock opus, “Purified,” from the original score to the cyberpunk novel Blackstar, has undergone cybernetic aural-surgery by producer/composer/remixer Sebastian Komor. Much akin to the thrilling sci-fi adventure of the book, “Purified” (Sebastian Komor Remix) will take fans on a time-traveling drum & bass journey to the world of Blackstar.

Inspired from Celldweller’s sophomore album, Wish Upon A Blackstar, Klayton teamed up with award-winning author/editor Joshua Viola (Cyber World, The Bane of Yoto, Nightmares Unhinged) to create the original novel Blackstar. The book is accompanied by a full-length original score, composed by Klayton, featuring 70+ minutes of original music, ranging from retrowave and electronic-rock to dark ambient.

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