New Zealand electronic music composer/producer Nigel Stanford, goes Offworld, in his remix of Celldweller’s “Last Night on Earth.” Known for his creativity through his elaborate music videos and legacy of experimental musical production, Nigel Stanford turns the alt/sci-fi epic of “Last Night on Earth” into an electro-ambient masterpiece. Combining heavily edited vocals with re-processed FX, new melodic hooks, pulsing synths and relaxing beats, Nigel Stanford showcases his unique style, taking listeners on a thrilling adventure for “life beyond the skies.”

“I’ve always loved space, and I really dig the themes in Celldweller’s tracks – they instantly create vivid Sci-Fi scenes in my head. For ‘Last Night on Earth’ I wanted to keep the feeling of the original, but change almost everything I could! I like to use different chords and sounds, and create an alternate soundtrack to Klayton’s space vision. I hope you enjoy it.” – Nigel Stanford

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