Thrashy guitars and blistering drum licks collide with melodic vocal hooks on Celldweller’s latest scorcher, “Baptized In Fire.” The song builds on the impactful, high-powered songwriting approach of “Into the Void” for one of the most aggressive pieces to land in Celldweller’s discography to date.

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“Being in mandatory lockdown has made many of us painfully aware how things that we take for granted can change suddenly and drastically. Sometimes life’s most painful trials refine us in ways like nothing else can. This restlessness and uncertainty has me naturally inclined to go heavier and darker, so here’s a piece of that purification, regeneration, ‘Baptized in Fire’.”

– Klayton

Following previous singles “My Disintegration”, “A Matter of Time,” “Electric Eye,” and “Into The Void” “Baptized In Fire” becomes the 5th single to materialize ahead of the upcoming full-length album Satellites, slated for a 2020 release. Layering on top of Celldweller’s legacy as a multi-faceted artist/producer with a multi-genre approach, Satellites leans to the heavier side of the artist’s sound, appealing to fans of Metal and Prog Rock while incorporating electronic influences from Drum & Bass and Psy-Trance.

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