In June 2013 The Music Ninja and Celldweller paired up for an entire month of features surrounding the groundbreaking artist. The “Resident Artist” feature included features such as “Celldweller’s Top 5 Songs Right Now,” “How Celldweller’s persistence paid off,” “Celebrating 10 years of Celldweller,” “Dwelling with Celldweller” and much more. This unique piece gave readers an insight into Celldweller throughout the entire month.

Here’s an excerpt from the “How Celldweller’s persistence paid off” interview:

TMN: As a musician who has been in the industry for a few pretty years, what would be the best advice you could give to artists out there trying to make it, young or old, what would you sit down and tell them to help them achieve their goals?

K: Exactly what I’ve already said – PERSIST! The only reason I’m here today is because I was too dumb or stubborn to quit the many times that I was told to or circumstance probably suggested. Today more than ever, you’re not going to get a “major record deal.’ WTF even is a major record deal anyway? Hard work, determination and a little bit of skill will get you all the way.

To see the full installment of Celldweller’s stay as the “Resident Artist,” head over to The Music Ninja.