AltSounds and Celldweller teamed up to exclusively premiere “Behind The Scenes Part IV,” the fourth video celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Celldweller. The nine-minute video looks deep into the history of beloved Celldweller hit “Switchback.”

Chris “MUGS” Maguire had this to say about “Behind The Scenes Part IV”:

Klayton gives insight into writing, recording & mixing the song in it’s ‘umpteen’ different versions in a rare/unreleased video interview from 2008. Find out about the $10,000 mix that got canned as well as details surrounding a brief label deal Klayton signed for Celldweller in the early 2000s that left him in high debt and uncertain of how to even complete and release the debut Celldweller album.

Watch “Behind The Scenes Part IV” here: