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Known for his world-class production quality across a wide range of styles, Klayton’s music has garnered over 1,000 Film/TV/Video Game placements and over 500 million online music/video streams. Klayton’s music has been heard in everything from Superbowl commercials to virtually every major sports league, from NFL, UFC, NHL and MLB to major eSports leagues.

Klayton’s music has also been featured in blockbuster film franchises like Iron Man, Transformers, Deadpool, John Wick, X-Men, Jack Reacher, Blade Runner, Alien, Pacific Rim, Mission Impossible, Underworld and Spider-man to chart topping video games like PubG, Killer Instinct, Destiny, Dead Rising, Assassin’s Creed, Asphalt and Need for Speed, to award winning television like Westworld, America’s Got Talent, American Idol and Face/Off.

Klayton’s scoring credits include: Bloodshot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Blood Father, Concussion, The Last Witch Hunter, The Dunes, Killer Instinct Season 3 and more.

Celldweller Studios

The Celldweller Spaceship is Klayton’s multi-room studio built around an SSL AWS900+ console with extensive hardware, analogue gear, modular synths and proudly features ADAM Audio monitors.

As a world-renowned producer, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, synthesist and technologist, Klayton has crafted an aesthetically beautiful studio where he creates his unique sound.

Known for his intricate sound design and polished production ranging from high-octane Electronic-Rock, Alternative, Industrial and EDM to Sound Design, Film Score and Experimental Modular soundscapes, what sets Klayton apart from the rest is his ability to craft compelling melodies and memorable song arrangements.

The Celldweller Spaceship provides the tools and creative environment for Klayton to thrive.


  • #1 Electronic Album (USA, Russia, Czech Republic), Scandroid – Scandroid, iTunes
  • #1 Electronic Album (USA, Australia, Sweden, Russia), Scandroid – Monochrome, iTunes
  • #1 Electronic Album (USA), Celldweller – The Little Cellout EP, iTunes
  • #3 Electronic Album (USA), Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar, iTunes
  • #3 Electronic Album (Germany), Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar, iTunes
  • #3 Electronic Album (Canada), Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar, iTunes
  • #3 Hard Rock/Metal Album (USA), Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar, Amazon
  • #3 Dance/DJ Album (USA), Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar, Amazon
  • #5 Dance/Electronic Album (USA), Scandroid – Scandroid, Billboard
  • #20 Heatseeker Album (USA), Scandroid – Scandroid, Billboard

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  • Pandora: 200,000+ Monthly Listeners
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