Over the years one thing we get a lot of requests for, are ways for fans to get autographs from their favorite FiXT artists. With FiXT attracting a lot of non-touring artists/producers, there hasn’t been a great way for fans to get that personal connection of getting autographed merch…until now.

Today we are excited to announce a new line of official merch launching on the FiXT Store – our Autographed series – featuring high quality, autographed 8×10 photo/art prints, and later expanding to other signed merch items. These are limited in quantity but our goal is to give fans something touched and signed by the artists as special memorabilia and collectables. A lot of times the requests we get for signed items are specifically intended as gifts and special occasions. We hope the addition of the Autographed merch line available on the FiXT Store brings joy and delight to many fans!

We are proud to launch the line today with Autographed 8x10s from Celldweller and The Anix with items coming soon from Daedric, The Browning and more throughout the year.

Grab yours now, shipping worldwide at: https://fixtstore.com/autograph

James Rhodes VP & Co-Founder