Turntable scratching and understated hip-hop vocals mingle over throwback percussion on FreqGen’s “Future 1991.” This addictively low-key new track is a heartfelt homage to the past delivered with FreqGen’s unmistakably detailed and well-crafted production style. 

I had a very focused and specific sound I put all my energy into in the ‘90s (Circle of Dust.) Although I incorporated many influences into that sound, there was a lot of music I wanted to make but was too far “outside the box” of what I wanted to achieve at that time. The “Future 1990” series is my outlet to finally come back to all of those sounds and styles I wanted to experiment with in the ‘90s. “Future 1991” started as a production experiment in FL Studio that developed into a track that represented my take on ‘90s Trip Hop, vocals and all. 

– Klayton (FreqGen)

“Future 1991” is available now on all digital platforms through independent retro synth music label FiXT Neon.

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