Second Track From The Upcoming
Satellites Remixed Album


Electronic-Rock artist/producer Celldweller releases another remix of highly acclaimed single “Baptized In Fire” from enigmatic duo Brighter Than A Thousand Suns.

It’s “Baptized In Fire” like you’ve never heard it before. Industrial, Post-punk, Goth meets synthwave in this brand new remix from Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. The intensity of the original gives way to gritty guitar hooks with added female vocals, taking the aggressive remix in a new direction. The result is a futuristic new single that stands on its own as something completely new from a duo who continue to pave the way forward with their synthwave/cyberpunk meets rock/metal approach to music. “Baptized In Fire” (Brighter Than A Thousand Suns Remix) is the second single to materialize ahead of the upcoming Satellites Remixed Album.

Pioneering the sound of Future Rock for over 20 years, Celldweller has inspired tens of millions of listeners across a global community of fans, content creators, and brands with 500,000,000+ streams and hundreds of placements in major Films, TV shows, and Video Games. Celldweller’s discography includes the self-titled Celldweller album in 2003, Wish Upon A Blackstar in 2012, End of an Empire in 2015, and Offworld in 2017, with his 5th studio album Satellites, released Oct 14, 2022

Klayton, the multifaceted producer behind Celldweller and owner/founder of the independent record label FiXT, has garnered an intense cult following across his projects CelldwellerScandroidCircle of Dust, and FreqGenKlayton is also respected and sought after in the media industry with his music appearing in hundreds of major Film / TV & Video Games, such as WestworldSuicide SquadJack ReacherDeadpoolLucyJohn WickRobocopPacific RimKiller Instinct Season 3Now You See MeDead Rising 3Call of Duty: EliteAssassin’s CreedUFC & more. 

Serpentine and with regard for neither genre trends nor constraints, husband/wife duo Brighter Than A Thousand Suns have shed skin countless times since their Tragic Hero Records debut full-length Survival Machines in 2011. The band has since experimented, through several EPs and singles, in the realms of Metalcore and Electronic—all entwined with a gritty and brutally relatable thread they have now nailed down and seamlessly melded to their current vision. 2020 active-rock/nu-metal singles “Replica,” “Books on Fire” and “Finding Me” declare a refined, raucous, larger-than-life sound while 2021’s singles “The Warrior” and “Aphantasia” pave the way forward with a synthwave/cyberpunk-meets-rock/metal approach.

“Baptized In Fire” (Brighter Than A Thousand Suns Remix) is available now from FiXT.