Producers and musicians, the time has finally arrived. Celldweller is unveiling the Sonix Producer Pack Vol. 1, his very first sample library, complete with over 1GB of samples from Celldweller songs you know and love, along with samples from unreleased songs never heard before and some brand new material cut exclusively for this pack. Everything that makes Celldweller the unmistakeable fusion of electronic and rock is on display here for you to chop up, stretch apart and do whatever you want before throwing it in your own music, including vocal samples from Klayton himself.

Ready to start landing your own film/tv licenses? Want to give an extra bite to your productions with intense guitar riffs, pounding drums, thumping bass grooves and infections synth lines? Or maybe you just want to get the unmistakeable modular synth sound without spending the money to build your own personal spaceship. Whatever the case may be, there are tons of ways to use the brand new Sonix Producer Pack. What YOU do with it is your choice, and yours alone. Check below for just a sampling of some of the sounds you’ll find in Sonix.

Visit the Sonix Page & Download a Demo Pack of Sounds!

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