Welcome to the Celldweller Spaceship

The Celldweller Spaceship is Klayton’s multi-room studio built around an SSL AWS900+ console with extensive hardware, analogue gear, modular synths and proudly features ADAM Audio monitors.

As a world-renowned producer, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, synthesist and technologist, Klayton has crafted an aesthetically beautiful studio where he creates his unique sound.

Known for his intricate sound design and polished production ranging from high-octane Electronic-Rock, Alternative, Industrial and EDM to Sound Design, Film Score and Experimental Modular soundscapes, what sets Klayton apart from the rest is his ability to craft compelling melodies and memorable song arrangements.

The Celldweller Spaceship provides the tools and creative environment for Klayton to thrive.

Favorite Gear

SSL AWS900+, Moog Vocoder, Swarmatron, Juno 60, Prophet 600, Dave Smith Instruments Evolver, Access Virus, Roland TB-303, Neumann M149, Intellijel Metropolis, Buchla 200e System, TTSH, Dave Smith Instruments & Tom Oberheim OB-6, Gibson Les Paul Guitar, The Harvestman Hertz Donut Mk II, Cwejman S1-MK2, Adam Audio PS33As.


Klayton proudly uses hardware from:

4MS, Access, Adam, Akai, AKG, Analogue Solutions, Analogue Systems, AniModule, Antelope, API, Apogee, ARP, Audio Damage, Audio Technica, Avalon, Briggs, Buchla, Circuit Abbey, Clavia, Cwejman, Dave Jones Design, Dave Smith Instruments, Devil Fish QS-303, Dewanatron, Digitech, Din Sync, DOD, Doepfer, Dwarfcraft Devices. E-MU, EB Tech, Ebow Electronics, Electro, Harmonix, Elektron, Empirical Labs, Erica Synths, Erzetich, Event, Expert Sleepers, Fender, Flame, Flight of Harmony, Fostex, Frequency Central, Furman, Gibson, Heil, Helios, Hexinverter, Electronique, Ibanzez, Intellijel Designs, Koma Elektronik, Korg, Line 6, Livewire Electronics, Low Gain Electronic, M-Audio, Macbeth Studio Systems, Machine Drum, Mackie, Make Noise, Malekko Heavy Industry, Manhattan Analog, Matrox, Medic Modules, Merano, Mesa Engineering. Metasonix, Modcan, Monster, Moog, Mosvalve, MOTU, Music Thing Modular, Mutable Instruments, Native Instruments, Neumann, Neve, Noise Engineering, Open Labs, OTO, Pearl, Pendulum Audio, Pintech, Pittsburgh Modular, Prophet 600, Qu-Bit Electronix, Radial, Rode, Roland, Ryo, Schecter, Sennheiser, Sequential Circuits, Sherman, Shippman, Shure, Soldano, Sonuus, Source Audio, SSL, Steady State Fate, Steinberg, Swarmatron, Synthesis Technology, Synthesizers.com, Synthrotek, Synthwerks, Takamine, Tama, Tascam, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Teletronix, The Harvestman, Thermionic Culture, Thonk, Tip Top Audio, TouellSkouarn, Tsyklon Labs, Universal Audio, Vintage King, Waldorf, WMD, Xaoc Devices, Yamaha


Klayton proudly uses software from:

FabFilter, iZotope, Celemony, Positive Grid, Synchroarts, Voxengo, U-he, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Refractor Audio, Sugar Bytes, Joey Sturgis Tones, Waves, Audio Damage, Audio Ease, Image-Line, Ina, Sonalksis, Valhalla DSP, Soundtoys

Future Music Magazine Studio Tour (2014)