Greetings, Cellmates worldwide!

I am looking forward to a great 2018. I have lots of music to make and can’t wait to get it into your ears. I also can’t wait for you to hear what else is coming this year from FiXT. I founded/launched FiXT as an independent label in 2006 to find new and exciting artists that share my vision of a world that embraces technology, fuses organic and electronic and is unrestricted by genre. We’ve released music from great artists like Blue Stahli, Sunset Neon, The Algorithm, The Qemists, Raizer, Voicians, Josh Money, Richy Nix, Atlas Plug, I Will Never Be The Same, SeamlessR and others.

Some of you already know this, so what am I really getting at?

Well for starters, we have some new artists coming on board this year that I think you’re going to love. Secondly, we’ve already mapped our release calendar for the year and have music coming to you every Friday in 2018. The team at FiXT have been hard at work creating more ways to connect with the artists as well as other fans, and help you keep up with the latest news and discover new music.

I want make sure you guys are the first to know about all the cool stuff we’re doing, so If you haven’t done so already, hit these links and follow FiXT on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Sit back and rest assured that I’m working on new Celldweller and my other projects, and look forward to sharing not only my new music with you, but music from the rest of the FiXT roster this coming year.