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Wish Upon A Blackstar (Chapter 04) [Discontinued]

Wish Upon A Blackstar (Chapter 04) [Discontinued]

Label: FiXT

Release date: June 28, 2011


Wish Upon A Blackstar (Chapter 04)

This EP has re-released into Wish Upon A Blackstar.

Chapter 04 of Celldweller’s sophomore effort, Wish Upon A Blackstar, is here – the last digital chapter to be put out before release of the full album. No prior tracks express Klayton’s knack for hybridizing genres as well as these two songs. “I Can’t Wait” melds stuttering dubstep basslines, dynamic percussion, precision glitch edits, and the signature Celldweller guitar attacks and infectious vocal deliveries. “Gift For You”, on the other hand, is a departure in its simplicity. Downtempo bass carries the tune, with flourishes of dubstep warble, while sparse and airy guitar notes add accent in between Klayton’s subdued verses.