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Wish Upon A Blackstar (Chapter 01) [Discontinued]

Wish Upon A Blackstar (Chapter 01) [Discontinued]

Label: FiXT

Release date: August 25, 2009


Wish Upon A Blackstar (Chapter 01)

This EP has been re-released into Wish Upon A Blackstar.

Wish Upon A Blackstar is the second album from American electronic rock band Celldweller. Wish Upon A Blackstar has been a work in progress since 2005; originally scheduled for release in 2006, finalized songs from the album were not released until mid-2009. It is expected to be finished by late 2011, but may not be due to other projects, like the Live DVD, Live Remix album and Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2. Grant Mohrman, producer of the debut Celldweller album, returned to co-produce the album with Klayton.