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Space & Time (Expansion)

Space & Time (Expansion)

Label: FiXT

Release date: April 8, 2016

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Space & Time (Expansion)

After falling through a black hole – Space & Time returns through the vastness of the stars as a full length release highlighting remixes from the Wish Upon A Blackstar era of Celldweller, along with bonus rarities to give something to even the most die-hard Celldweller fan. Across the Expansion, you’ll find remixes from artists no stranger to the FiXT roster – Voicians, KJ Sawka, Rockman, Varien and SeamlessR (in collaboration with Grammy nominated producer BT) – alongside mixes from EDM titans like KATFYR, Tim Ismag, Zardonic and more! Also in orbit are online exclusive tracks like “Younger (ft. Kenzie)”, album exclusive tracks like “ShutEmDown (DIRTY Mix)” and other treasures not fit for this world. Hold on tight and get ready to journey through Space & Time (Expansion).