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Goodbye (Klayton’s 2012 Mix) [Discontinued]

Goodbye (Klayton’s 2012 Mix) [Discontinued]

Label: FiXT

Release date: October 24, 2011


Goodbye (2012 Mix)

This single has re-released into The Complete Cellout Vol. 01.

Celldweller’s tradition of updating and remixing his own tracks with new ideas and new production techniques continues with the 2012 Mix of “Goodbye”. Originally a slow and heavy electronic rock juggernaut, “Goodbye” later morphed into a high-powered, aggressive D’n’B mix and, now, has been transformed into a lean and mean dubstep/drumstep dervish. “Goodbye (Klayton’s 2012 Mix)” anticipates both the upcoming full-length Cellout remix collection and the all-new Celldweller live DJ set, debuting this November.