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Cellout EP 01 [Discontinued]

Cellout EP 01 [Discontinued]

Label: FiXT

Release date: January 25, 2011


Cellout EP 01

This EP has re-released into The Complete Cellout Vol. 01.

The Celldweller live tour is here and Klayton has taken the opportunity to rework his entire catalog, creating a 70+ minute master mix of Celldweller songs old and new that have been restructured and reskinned. Cellout EP 01 is the first collection of studio versions of these live show reworkings. Old favorite “Own Little World” has been awoken from its Drum & Bass/Metal roots and mutated into a massive Dubstep/ Rock meltdown, while “Frozen”, heavy and brooding in its original form, has been refashioned into an agile Electro-Rock giant with the help of live member and label-mate Blue Stahli. Rounding out the EP are new songs “The Best It’s Gonna Get” and “Tainted”, spliced into a mash-up of epic Electro and dark rock riffs that encapsulates the live show as a whole – a push and pull of driving build-up and release.