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Blackstar (Original Score)

Blackstar (Original Score)

Label: FiXT

Release date: September 18, 2015

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Blackstar (Original Score)

The music of Celldweller has always sounded as though ripped from the pages of a sci-fi epic. As it turned out, there was a narrative behind the sounds, slowly coming together in Klayton’s head. Now, the mastermind musician/producer has teamed up with award-winning author Joshua Viola (The Bane of Yoto, Nightmares Unhinged) to put that story on paper. Blackstar is the thrilling sci-fi adventure that will take fans to the worlds only hinted at in the album Wish Upon A Blackstar. Alongside the book, Klayton is creating the Original Score to accompany the story, composed of over an hours worth of cinematic atmospheres to transport you directly to Central, The Outlands and the world of Rezin and Elara.

The Blackstar Score shifts across a sonically diverse landscape, from ’80s New Retro, dark cosmic ambiance and even hybrid guitar and synthesizer vocal tracks with lyrics inspired by the novel to give you an unearthly throwback to the science fiction of old with modern production that could only come from Klayton. The album plays out just like the score of your favorite films, with more focused pieces like the brooding unease of “The Undercity” and the grandiose and transcendent track “The Vaults of Re:Memory” or the longer, drone pieces designed to help you float away like in “Echoes of Time” and “On the Surface of Scardonia”. Listen to the introspective score while reading the book, or use it invoke a new cyberpunk energy into your own life.